It’s Almost Time!!

Hello peoples!!

So you see where we left off the last time? That was really only a tip of the iceberg for what was to come for the next few months of my pregnancy. To all expectant mothers out there and those wanting to be mothers, I can promise you this: It will not be easy. There will be tears, happiness, joy, pain but believe me when I say it will be worth it in the end.

I was so far into my pregnancy that everything became struggle. Walking was a myth and part of my job included taking people out in viewings. This became a very impossible task, instead I’d just book the viewings and let my colleagues do the rest.

It got to the point that I started to get the worst back pain ever and this was due to my child’s positioning and the way he was coming down. Not once did I feel any pain in my tummy, just my back and it was not nice.

It’s very true when they say you get some mad fuck off cravings when you’re pregnant and mine was not exempt from the list. I was craving foam, toothpaste. In fact anything foamy. Not only that but I started loving cheese and I mean all kinds of cheese. I would eat it would olives, crackers and on its own. Now there were things that were not as weird like pasta, rice but that was about it. At work I used to snack a lot, on whatever I can get my hands on. It was the life 🤣🤣.

There was this weird time I was at work and I felt wet down below. I literally rushed to the bathroom and I was bleeding. My heart almost came out of my chest and I swear I could have died right there and then. I rushed to the hospital, scared shitless and out of my mind but thank God it was nothing. My baby was still fine and doing great.

You see it’s weird. It’s a miracle how women are able to carry a human in their tummy and nurture it from when it’s just a speck to a full grown baby. All this while, loving someone that you haven’t even met yet unconditionally is insane but it is the best feeling in the world. You become so protective of them, you start planning their whole life, you don’t want to think of anything harming them because it would kill you.

As my pregnancy went on, things were somewhat getting better with my mum. She was keen on me coming around the house more often just in case I go into labour. It was coming up to the end and honestly I’m grateful she was there. I remember when I had to have an emergency iron transfusion due to the fact that throughout my pregnancy, my iron was very low and I tried everything to get it back up but it never worked. So the last resort? Iron transfusion. I was so scared so I called my mum. She was so worried. She told me “wait, I’m leaving work. I’ll come and get you” and that truly was the first time I truly felt close to her. She stayed with me the whole time I was hooked up on this thing. Even after the procedure, she was adamant that I stay at hers so she can keep an eye on me. It felt good.

I was getting so heavy that walked became impossible. My back was constantly killing me. If I dared to sit down, I’d be lucky if I could get up. My feet were swollen and I was literally wearing sliders everywhere I went. It was the only comfortable thing. And no one judged. To be honest, I used to take public transport because driving became practically impossible. It’s crazy because people are meant to let you sit down right? Wrong. People would just look at me and go back to what they were doing and tbh I’d never push for it. I’d just stand up and look at them dead in the eye and wait for them to get up.

The day I went into labour was very crazy. I went into the early stages of labour on the 8th of September and funny enough that was my dads birthday and I remember my water breaking but you see these hospitals yeah? They are useless. How are you telling me it’s just Braxton hicks and it actually hasn’t happened. Do you know my body? Nope. So the next two days were just excruciating pain. The day before I went into labour, I had this insane back pain and this permanent stitch that just refused to go. I kept calling the hospital and they were oh no it’s just Braxton hicks so I called my mother. I told her “mum I’m in pain. I’ve got this stitch that is literally not going away” and she told me, get ready, I’m coming to get you. The one thing that pissed me off was the fact that I had bought creams that night but I could not eat it. The pain was too much. Mum came to get me and she picked up both hospital bags. We got back to hers and I tried to eat. Finally, I fell asleep. I woke up at about 4:30 am with the worst pain in my back so I thought hmmm let me have a warm soak. That should ease the pain. My baby wasn’t meant to be here for another day so I’m sure I’m not going into labour. I got out of the shower feeling hot as hell. I went to the kitchen, got a glass of cold water and went back into bed with my towel. I tried to fall asleep and got woken up with another sharp pain. This time it was worse. The pain was constant so what did I do? I started to time my contractions and lo and behold, I was contracting every minute and a half. It was happening. I laid in bed till I heard my mums alarm go off for work and went to knock on her door. “Mum, it’s happening”…

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