Welcome to the world!!!

Throughout my pregnancy, the one question that always came to mind was “how will I know if I’m in labour?” and I got the same response every time; “you will know”. Honestly, this was probably the only truth I’ve been told. After knocking on my mothers door and telling her I think it’s time, she said you know if it’s not they will send you back home. I told her, this is it. I can tell. She rushed to get ready while I tried my possible best to do the same but I just couldn’t. You know when they say you don’t really know how bad the pain is until you acknowledge it’s there? Well that was also true. The minute I realised I was in labour, it’s like the pain levels literally skyrocketed and it was unbearable. I started walking down three flights of stairs stopping every so often due to my contractions being a minute and a half apart while my mother grabbed the hospital bags. It was such a struggle. I couldn’t bare to walk but I had to get to that car.

We get outside and mum realises she’s left the keys upstairs so guess what? I had to wait. While she ran to get the key, I was busy trying out the breathing exercises that I learnt in those birthing classes (well one birthing class and only 5 minutes long). Finally, after what seemed like forever, mum was back with the key. She helped me get into the car and off we went. The journey seemed like forever. It was like the universe was out to get me. We were literally getting stopped at every single traffic light. Like who did I offend? Bruh I was in so much pain. I kept squeezing the door handle and it felt like my body was going to explode. On getting to the hospital, mum tells me you go ahead, I’ll meet you there. For anyone who knows Homerton hospital, you’ll know that as soon as you walk into the hospital, there is a WHSmith and it’s not far off from the entrance. I swear to you all, it felt like I was walking for hours but behold, by the time my mother had parked the car and came to meet me, I hadn’t even walked past the WHSmith. Mum helps me into the lift to get up to the delivery suite and this whole time I was in pain. I couldn’t hack it.

Getting into the suite, I was waiting for only God knows how long before they called me in. Once they checked me and informed me that it was definitely labour and I was four cm dilated. This baby of mine was determined to enjoy its time in the womb before making its grand entrance into the world. I was in so much pain and when I was given the gas and air, after a few puffs, I threw it at my student midwife and screamed; “I need something strong and I need it now”. I was give an injection in my leg that literally put me to sleep for two hours. Even mum was shocked at the fact that I could sleep through labour. It was crazy.

I kept feeling like I had a strong urge to poop but my midwife kept telling me “oh don’t push, it’s the baby coming down”. After what seemed like forever, my midwife checked me and told me I was only five cm. Like wtf??!!!!?? What the absolute fuck? It’s been like 8 hours and it’s only been five cm.

My midwife was going for lunch, and brought in another excited midwife who literally seemed like someone shocked her with a huge ball of energy. My first midwife left the room but before leaving she said “don’t have this baby without me” 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Who do you think you are? God? Biissssshhhh please. Anyways, it got to a point where the pain struck like a blow and I felt this insane need to push. This excited midwife said if you need to poop then do it. Do what your body is telling you. I don’t think I let her finish her sentence before I jumped off the bed and into the bathroom with my mother chasing after me. Next thing I know, I start pushing and my baby starts crowning 😫😫😫😫😫😫. Midwife screamed to my mum; “Mum, the baby is coming”, then turned to me and said “so we can either have this baby here on the toilet or on the bed”. My mother didn’t even let her finish her sentence before saying in the most African way ever; “Oya carry yourself to the bed, you are not shitting this baby in the toilet”. So I did what I had to and believe me when I say I do not know where I got the strength from but I did it. I got on the bed and my midwife was so lovely. She kept kissing my forehead and telling me I can do it. When I started pushing, I have never felt any pain like that. The contractions were coming quicker than I could expect. I was pushing or at least I thought I was until my midwife explained that I was doing it all wrong. At the next contraction, I pushed and at 2:29pm the head was born. My mum was by my side the whole time, kissing my head and motivating me to keep pushing even though I felt like I couldn’t push anymore. They had to wait for my baby’s head to turn but I was still puffing that gas and air like it was the only thing keeping my baby alive but let me not lie, that gas and air was scchhhwweeettttt. I was on cloud 1000. This unfortunately relaxed my baby and meant I wasn’t getting contractions so my midwife looked at me sternly and said “stop the gas and air and on the next contraction, push”. I nodded my head, mum was caressing my forehead and when that contraction came, I grabbed hold of my mothers hand and pushed like my life depended on it. Waaahhhhh! Waaahhhh!! Waaahhhhhh!!! “Mum, he’s here”! Congratulations. 2:32 pm on September 10, 2018, my baby boy had finally graced up with his presence. I was in tears. Happy tears. I looked at him and grabbed him from

the hands of the midwife and kissed his forehead, held him close to my chest like my life depended on it. Midwife looked at my mum and said; “will you cut the cord?” And I have never seen my mum so excited. She couldn’t stop telling me how proud of me she was. As she cut the cord, she said let me check if he is really a boy. She screamed and laughed saying I have never seen a fresh penis before 🤣🤣🤣.

It’s funny because, I’ve loved but I’ve never been in love. My son showed me what true love is. My life feels so complete and I would do it all over again.

Till next time people 😘

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to the world!!!

  1. I can’t believe i read all that nonsense. All this time i thought you loved me aswell, turns out you only care about our son. No biggie i will still love you regardless coz my heart is bigger than yours.

    P.S. – insta and snap got scooped niiiicely 🤣


      1. Nahhh the people need to know that you don’t even let me see my son coz you’re a Wicked Witch. You’re lucky you’re leng otherwise i would of left you timeeeeee ago. You Glow Up saved you 🤭


      2. Joe man you need to stop. You’re trying to give the wrong ideas lol plus you haven’t even come see him and you’re claiming he is your son🤣🤣🤣. Please don’t make people think all this nonsense is true🤣🤣🤣🤣


  2. Don’t worry sweet heart the peopledem know its bantz … but on another note i added u on insta n u left me chillin like an eediat. What isit because i gassed u about the glow up? Now ur too nice to accept man? Dnt make me come to Hackney and confiscate ur phone u nah


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