They are all different!!

7 months on and it still feels like a dream. I never thought being a mother would feel this good, but being a mum to a boy like my son is surreal. I’m not going to sell you a dream and say it’s all roses because the reality is it actually isn’t but that’s what makes it so perfect. Every parents experience is different.

To be honest, getting him into a routine has not been easy but I had to persevere.

You know when they say you just have to let them cry it out till they fall asleep is supposed to be the best way for them to learn? I tried that and in all honesty, it was definitely not easy. Going back to check him every 5 minutes and hearing him scream at the top of his lungs like there was something wrong with him was the hardest thing I ever had to do and literally restraining myself from having to pick him up was literally a killer to me so I had to change it up a bit. I read online that the last time for naps should be 5pm then they should be out to bed by 7:45. I tried that. Let him have his naps 3 times a day even if he only has 2 naps it’s okay but once it came to 5pm, I had to do everything in my power to make sure he stays awake till his dinner time. When bedtime came, he was already very tired that it made it so easy for him to fall asleep after his bottle. Sometimes even while he was still drinking he’d fall asleep. Make no mistake though, I made sure he finished his milk even while sleeping. It made it easy knowing that he had a specific song that when you start rubbing his back for him to sleep with the song on. It was like magic. He’d be out for 4-5 hours when he’d usually wake up for a feed. I’m not saying he never stirrs but just a simple back rub was all it took for him to be settled again.

Honestly, he has his moments at night. He might decide to sleep through the night or wake up every so often and sometimes even fight his sleep so bad in the middle of the night that the only way he would sleep is in bed with me in my arms. Those are the moments I cherish.

But I will tell you this, when it came to teething, it was no joke. Then again, every baby is different. For Mateo, he didn’t have diarrhoea or temperature, he was just very very very grumpy. He wanted every single thing in his mouth, even my fingers but that those two teeth came through, it was most certainly very painful.

I guess what I’m trying to say is every baby develops differently. Mateo May be 7 months now but there are still things he’s not doing just yet. He’s still learning to crawl, only started sitting up on his own but that just goes to show that as parents, we should never compare our children to others of the same age because they are all different and will do things in their own time.

Sc: Xiniaj

Insta: king_niyahhx

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