How Time Flies🤯😮😩🤷🏽‍♀️

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written but as you can imagine, being a mother isn’t actually an easy task as all these movies and reality shows portray it to be. It’s hard work. Some might even compare it to a gym session because that’s how much they with you.

One thing I have come to realise as a mother is how crazy fast the time goes. One minute they are these little pea sized bundle of joys and the next they are practically grown ups🤣. See that’s the scary part, you blink once and you’re in danger of missing so many firsts. First tooth, first words, first steps, first everything. If you’d told me three years ago that this would be my life now, I would have told you that you are out right crazy but it is and I love every moment of it. Since Mateo has been born, I would be lying if I say my life hasn’t completely changed. In the midst of everything bad, he became the only good thing. Just to see his smile and hearing his laugh brings so much joy to my heart but once again, I’d be lying if I said it’s all roses.

No one ever told me that the energy that boys have is definitely a lot more than girls and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If anything it has its pros and cons. Speaking from experience, it definitely does tire them out which makes bed time all the more easier. However, getting to that point is where the struggle lies. They just want to touch everything and grab it all and move around however they want. They have no fear of hurting themselves but that’s where we as parents start having crazy heart palpitations 🤣🤣. Every little thing is like don’t go there, stop it and near enough leaves you feeling to literally just yank out your hair.

Now he’s at a stage where he’s basically his own boss and everything is basically a battle especially when it comes to eating. It makes me laugh because even after all the fighting, he still ends up finishing up the whole bowl. It’s adorable to see.

It’s crazy because I hear other mums complaining about the problems teething I causing their little ones and as much as I think it sucks for them, inside I’m literally just laughing because my boy didn’t go through any of that. But that’s the thing, each child is different and progress differently in their growth. I remember when I used to panic and cry because he wasn’t crawling like every other kid or sitting up and all those cute things you hear other parents brag about, but the most important thing to remember is that your baby is unique to you as others are to their parents. Never look at the progression of others, just focus of that of your child’s and cherish every single moment of it.

At ten months, I cannot express to you how much it kills me seeing my baby growing up. The first time he called me mama, I literally had to confirm because I genuinely thought I was hearing things but I wasn’t and it warmed my heart so much I started crying.

Being a mum is one of the greatest gifts in life, but it’s still has its down side. You know those moments where it seems like you don’t exist or you’ve fallen off the face of the earth? Yeah that’s how sometimes we are made to feel maybe not on purpose but to the extent where it feels like people are treading around us on egg shells which leaves us feeling like we are forcing things with people. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I am a mother, not a social outlaw.

Finally, I’m not sure how many other mums do this but I can’t help but look at my baby sometimes and reminisce about when he couldn’t even sit up or move around and it does pain me to think my little boy isn’t going to need me anymore soon. But that’s just it, they will always need us. There may be times when they are grown where they act like they don’t but trust me, they always come to us when they need it. I guess the main thing now is not to dwell too much on the future and when they are older but to focus on the here and now and cherish every single moment of it because unfortunately, if we blink we miss it all. Time flies so just cuddle your little ones and enjoy the moments, the slobbery kisses, the hugs, the clinginess because soon we will wish we still had it.

That’s all for now lovelies and I’ll be back soon.

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Insta- King_Niyahhx

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